Tips for Navigating through Rough Weather during holidays

Thanksgiving is here and the festivities make us wish Christmas would come sooner.

It is that time of the year when you look forward to being with your family and friends to enjoy the spirit of the occasion. We are sure your travel plans are in place, and you are eager to get behind the wheel for the most anticipated road trip of the year.

Driving with the family in snowy weather can be stressful, but with a few precautions, you can look forward to a happy and safe journey.

Here is a list of precautions to make sure you arrive safely at your destination.

A comprehensive highway check is mandatory

Taking the time to prepare for the road trip is essential to ensure a safe and successful journey.

Making sure your vehicle has undergone a highway check-up should be the first item on your road trip To Do list.

Clean it thoroughly and create a checklist of items that need attention due to normal wear and tear. A timely review of your car can prevent costly breakdowns or accidents.

Here’s a quick checklist for you to follow:
  1. Check your brakes and tires.
  2. Check the battery and ignition system.
  3. Ensure the antifreeze and thermostat are working well.
  4. Check the windshield wipers and refill de-icing washer fluid.
  5. Check your headlights, tail and brake lights, blinkers, and emergency flashers.
  6. Make sure your exhaust system, heater, and defroster are in working condition.
  7. Ensure your fuel tank is filled before starting.

To ensure everything is perfect, get your vehicle checked at the service drive of your favorite automobile dealership.

Check your tire condition:

It is vital to ensure that your tires are ready for winter driving.

  1. Carefully inspect them for any damage and ensure they are suitable for snowy conditions.
  2. If necessary, upgrade your tires to ones specifically designed for winter driving.
  3. Ensure the spare tires are in good condition as well.
  4. Check the pressure in each tire matches the manufacturer’s recommended level; overinflated tires can cause more skidding on slippery surfaces.
  5. Carrying a tire repair kit in your car is recommended. If you experience a puncture or flat tire, you can fix it quickly and return to the road.
  6. A few timely checks like this will ensure that your tires are winter ready and safe for driving in the cold weather.

Safe driving when behind the wheels:

  1. Snowy roads can be tricky for seasoned drivers too.
  2. Take it easy on the steering and brake gently to avoid any accidents.
  3. Cornering should also be gradual, as sharp turns can easily cause
  4. A skid or spin-out due to the lack of grip on the road surface. Always leave extra room between you and other vehicles in case of an emergency brake or avoidance maneuver.
  5. When in doubt, take it slow and be prepared to react quickly. This way you can stay safe even when the weather is at its worst.

When traveling during the colder months, always ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality. Check for any extreme weather predictions and keep yourself updated with the weather report.

Being prepared is key to safe winter driving. It is a good idea to carry a basic emergency kit in your car containing extra clothing, snacks, water, first aid supplies, and jumper cables. This way, you will have everything you need if an unexpected event occurs.

Drive safely, Stay Safe, and have a Happy Holiday Season!

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