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Boost your dealership's success with Cognitgo’s automated credit mailer! Our mailer reaches pre-qualified shoppers, books appointments, and attracts walk-ins that fit your financing criteria.

With multiple financing opportunities available, you can offer your customers a range of options and unique credit-based offers to close the deal.

Our credit mailer will save you time and money by targeting the right customers who are ready to purchase.

Proven Analytics

24/7 In-House BDC

Multiple Financing Opportunities

Unique Credit Based Offers

Pre-Qualified Shoppers By Appointment

Pre-Qualified Walk-Ins

Automate Your Dealership's Marketing Process for Greater ROI

Proven Analytics

As a consumer marketer, you need innovative solutions that can deliver profitable growth and help you understand your audience better. With a focus on data-driven insights, we provide cutting-edge audience optimization tools that help businesses harness the power of market intelligence for maximum impact.

By leveraging analytics from our partners in the credit industry, we can pinpoint exactly which prospects in your PMA (Prime Market Area) are in the market for our offerings, delivering targeted marketing messages with precision and efficiency. With Cognitgo as your partner, you'll have the tools you need to unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns and achieve long-term profitability.
Easily identify in-market prospects within your desired area
Target your offers with greater accuracy and effectiveness
Improve your ROI with tailored data-driven offers

24/7 In-House BDC

Our dedicated BDC (Business Development Center) is the solution you need to secure your sales success! We understand how important every lead is, which is why our in-house team of car sales professionals will reach out and follow up with each lead, ensuring you a higher conversion rate.

Our BDC call center is available 24/7, so no matter when your customers reach out, we're ready to help. We'll provide your team with a steady stream of concrete appointments to keep your sales pipeline full. Our BDC team follows up on every prospect for 30 days to make sure no opportunity is missed.
Multi-touch campaigns maximize lead conversations
Receive more leads and increase conversions
Build trust and loyalty from customers with fast responses

Targeted Results

When it comes to marketing strategies, the end goal is always results. You want your message to not only get delivered, but also to be opened and read by your target prospect. With our specially designed offers, results are exactly what you can expect. Our letters are not just delivered, they are opened and read.

We offer special features like custom embossed Credit Cards that your recipients can feel through the envelope. This unique touch ensures that your offer stands out and is opened. Each piece is customized with your Dealership Name and your Prospect's name printed on the card. Plus, our quality printed offer provides a valuable incentive to take the next step and visit your dealership. With these features, our direct mail campaigns consistently produce results that exceed expectations.
Increased response rates with personalized cards
Create a sense of curiosity and excitement when customers receive the offer
Stand out from the competition with a compelling offer that gets results

Technology Driven

Partnering with our advanced technology guarantees you results like never before. IVR & PURL will ensure we capture every lead and call back phone number for maximum outreach. But it's not just about capturing leads - it's about managing them effectively.

Our lead management tool allows real-time access to all leads, providing you with meaningful insights. With this technology, you can listen to all recorded calls, gain access to lead details with appointment information, and see detailed notes of our BDC's interaction with your prospects. These tools have been put in place to help you maximize your marketing event, driving positive and measurable results. So if you're looking to gain an edge over the competition, our advanced technology is here to help you achieve your goals.
Capture and track leads easier than ever
Get real-time access to leads with detailed appointment information
Engage with your prospects in a meaningful way and build relationships

Drive Leads and Sales with Targeted Automated Marketing

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