Reduce Costs And Increase Operational Efficiencies In Your Mortgage And Title Processes

The mortgage insurance sector is one of the most highly regulated sectors in the US. The processes are manually intensive with multiple types of formats and content. These content-centric processes are further complicated; by challenges with fluctuating interest rates and demand, which makes it very difficult to scale. Scaling a team is not a sustainable option. Automate the processes end-to-end by combining the power of AI and RPA. Our solutions can help you scale up or down based on demand and increase your capacity by over 50%. With this newfound capacity, you can reduce operating costs by up to 70% and reap the ROI within months.

Candidates for Automation

Correspondent Lending

Correspondent lending processes are typically processed in high volumes. Accuracy of processing is critical. Orchestrate highly accurate correspondent lending process using Intelligent Process Automation.

Loan Fulfillment

Loan fulfillment is a content-centric process with multiple documents of varied formats. It is also a highly manual process. Automate loan processing end-to-end with Intelligent Process Automation.

Title & Settlements

Automate Title Settlement Process using Intelligent Process Automation. Extract structured data from a wide range of unstructured documents like Deeds, Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Payoff Statement etc. Automate data entry into title and escrow programs.

Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

Greater Operational Efficiency

Boost operation efficiency enterprise-wide with game-changing data processing speed and higher productivity using AI

Reap Greater ROI

Use the incredible power of automation to cut costs, free up manpower and use resources wisely for massive ROI

Delight Customers

Delight customers with swift responses, quality service and streamlined processes using AI

Reduce Costs and Increase Operational Efficiencies in Your Mortgage and Title Processes