How to Market Your Auto Dealership Online This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start implementing your strategy for winning over more customers.-.

Inventory trends are starting to take a positive turn, which is great news for the automotive industry. Customers are looking forward to the holidays and purchasing the perfect vehicle, whether as a gift to themselves or for the family to build more memories!

Holiday shopping can be stressful and time-consuming, so having a plan to ease this is essential for a successful sale season. Communication is critical and in today’s world, there are multiple platforms where customers are bombarded with messaging. So how can you stand out from the crowd? By going beyond the conventional tactics and engaging with customers throughout every stage.

Here are some ways dealerships can capitalize on the holiday season and grow sales.

  • Be Proactive: Dealerships have access to vast amounts of past and existing customer information. Do not wait for potential customers to discover you. Dealerships can take advantage of the service drive leads before the holiday season is in full swing.
    AI-powered tools like Cognitgo’s RObot can help you mine your service drive to identify high-potential customers based on the vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, trim package and offer them attractive trade-in options.
  • Everyone wants to make the most of the holiday season by spending time with their loved ones and finding time to take advantage of the sales and specials offered. You can help reduce the time spent in making crucial decisions by providing them with a True Vehicle Value via text, which is sent over once their service is complete.
    True vehicle value is calculated entirely on data extracted from authentic sources and with accurate results, hence saving time and effort. Read more about TVV here.        
    By reaching out to the customers right away armed with data you can quickly identify who is in the market to buy/sell and get to them before a competitor does.
  • The BDC adds that warm human touch, going beyond just the marketing efforts. They connect with the hand-raisers who are interested and convert them into appointments and sales.                                                                                                                                                       A well-trained and experienced BDC can make all the difference in building a long-lasting relationship with your customers, especially during the holiday season.
  • Community involvement is always important and is a wonderful way to get increased engagement during the holiday season.
    Host a holiday event at your dealership with goodies like holiday cookies and hot chocolate. Offer a free car check-up to spread the cheer, which is also a fantastic way to get people in the door. Make sure you promote the event in advance, so people can add it to their busy holiday schedule.
  • Get festive with your website and social media pages by adding some holiday flair to grab attention and spread even more holiday cheer.
    Facebook and Instagram are good platforms for reaching out to potential customers during the holidays. A little bit of festive flair goes a long way.

Did you realize that the majority of the marketing effort just happened via RObot and Cognitgo’s BDC! When the customer arrives for their appointment, you can make the sale over some delicious hot chocolate!

Automating your process ensures that the customer experience is top-notch and sets the mood for a truly delightful holiday season.

So, start planning (automating) your holiday marketing campaign today!

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