The Secret to Higher CX Score

“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” – Jeff Bezos. 

This must be the most potent line you read today regarding enhancing your customer’s experience. 

With competition mushrooming all around, ambitious leaders must develop proactive strategies to differentiate their products/services from the crowd to impress and retain their customers.  

Achieving Superior Customer Experience 

The modern customer does their homework before stepping into a store, big or small. So, what can make well-informed customers change their minds? Better price? Freebies? No, it is a superior experience at the first touchpoint and every touchpoint after that, which means a seamless experience from end to end.  

With modern tools, you can access past customer behaviour and tailor their journey with your enterprise to increase loyalty. A subset of customer experience is customer success, which has led to a new category of professionals whose goal is to help the customer attain success by understanding their business, goals, and, most importantly, their pain points. They are the customer success managers or CSM.  

Newer products have also evolved to assist ambitious CSMs in achieving their goals by providing them with data about product usage, bottlenecks, and workflow. These digital transformation tools support CSMs in gaining insights into the customer’s journey with the enterprise and the hiccups they may face and provide support to ease them.  

A Well trained and highly competent CS team can reduce the Churn rate significantly and help to drive Gross Retention Rate (GRR) and Net Retention Rate (NRR). They can help you retain customers and renew their business, which is highly cost-effective compared to acquiring new customers.  

Bots that can help you generate leads from an auto dealers service drive by capitalizing on the existing database of customers are very similar to the new age customer success teams. Like Cognitgo’s RObot, which is built using Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Machine Learning (ML). RObot can identify buyback opportunities by analyzing every customer and their history in the service drive of the auto dealership and aid the salesperson in offering them a deal that is based on their needs and wants and not on seasonal offers. 

Customers today are more impressed with salespeople who reason with facts and figures based on credible information. They are excited by AI-based suggestions centered on their purchase behaviour and hence more relevant. 

Just like a CSM aims to build a relationship with customers based on domain knowledge, technical ability, and, more importantly, trust, RObot helps auto dealers to communicate with the customer via simple texts which propose an attractive trade-in. 

The AI-driven RObot performs an end-to-end evaluation of service drive customers. It automatically engages them via text to see if they are interested in a trade-in evaluation. The organic, one-of-a-kind connections it creates have a high potential to be converted into revenue for car dealerships.  

With this approach, car dealers do not lose service drive customers to another dealership and ensure that every customer has a stress-free experience while buying/selling their next vehicle.  

While technology can aid you in the background to identify problems and solve them. The human element enhances the experience, while the AI drives the decision-making inputs. By ensuring that the customer is at the core of every product and process, dealerships can be confident that customers will have a superior experience and display loyalty.  

AI-based technology solutions can help dealerships enhance customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and monitoring service drive to deliver real-time insights. Cognitgo’s AI-powered RObot aims to be the ideal technology partner for dealerships to build an impressive inventory from their service drive. 

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