How a robust follow-up process is key to generating higher revenue

Follow-up calls/emails are one of the critical weapons in a salesperson’s arsenal. A well-crafted follow-up message can help you win clients without much coercion.

Most sales occur because great salespeople have a solid and consistent follow-up process. Surprisingly, many salespeople overlook the importance and do not follow-up. Their reasons can range from; “they don’t think it works,” “they don’t know what to say,” or they’re scared” or nervous.

A study conducted by Easton University found that 82% of sales representatives do not follow up with potential customers, even when they said they did.  Of those that do follow up only 62% are following up more than once. —Source: CBT news.

Following up with potential customers is one of the most important things you can do as a car salesperson. It shows the customer you’re interested in them as a person, not just a sale. A well-crafted follow-up procedure allows you to build a relationship, better understand their needs/wants and help find the perfect vehicle for them.

The study done by Easton University highlights the importance of training the sales team on the importance of follow-up. It is critical they understand the value and is comfortable reaching back out to potential customers. It is essential that the tone of the message is subtle and not pushy, which can put off potential customers.

Here are a few examples of good phrases to use when connecting back, along with some phrases that should be avoided.

Words/ Phrases to be used :

  • as promised
  • I’m not sure if  you remember me, but I remember you
  • does it make sense to (enter desired outcome)?   

Words/Phrases to be avoided:

  • follow up
  • I’m just following up with you

Yes, the training process and scheduled follow-up can be overwhelming, but practice makes it easier, and it is essential to growing your revenue.

The service drive generates a lot of customer data which can be used to design effective messaging for follow-up activities.

You can overcome the hurdles of a manual follow-up process by using a new-age tool like RObot from Cognitgo. The RObot is an AI-powered lead generation bot that helps to engage continuously with the customers in the service drive.

Cognitgo’s RObot identifies high-potential clients from the service drive by understanding their vehicle history and journey in the buying cycle and making automatic contact via text.
Cognitgo offers BDC support to gain the first mover advantage by identifying high-potential leads and making the first contact to convert them to customers, in the least time possible.
Cognitgo’s highly competent BDC sales team ensures you are on top of inbound and outbound leads, inquiries, and service activities. They provide support to automobile dealerships by delivering qualified appointments, enabling your team to focus on what they do best. closing sales.

A streamlined approach to lead cultivation and follow-up makes, ensures no leads are lost, and high potential leads translate to sales.

There are many reasons why following up with customers is important. The main reason is, it works and can increase sales for your dealership. Following up shows you are interested in the customer and are there to help them find the right vehicle for their needs. Building rapport and trust are essential in any business relationship. Following up establishes this crucial relationship, that will lead to a loyal customer for years.

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