Harnessing the Power of Dealership Loyalty Programs

Automobiles are a high-value purchase. One that is executed after considerable research, thought, deliberation, and consultation with the family. If it’s the buyer’s first car, it is undoubtedly an emotional one as well. A buyer is so invested in it because it is a low-frequency purchase,and the dealer has a small engagement window with the customer, which closes after the sale.

Gathering customer feedback, data, driving habits, and preferences post-sale takes a lot of work. There are only a few touchpoints to educate the customer or build brand loyalty.

The lack of touchpoints is the reason for the creation of dealership loyalty programs. Dealership Programs are built not just for the dealership to gather data but also to genuinely connect with the customers to drive brand loyalty and increase retention.

Why do automobile dealerships need Loyalty Programs? 

Dealership loyalty programs are essential tools to create personalized experiences that make customers feel valued while gaining invaluable insights into their buying behavior. The programs help create touchpoints with customers and engage with the brand long after they have purchased their vehicle from the dealership.

These programs can include incentives such as discounts on service or parts; free oil changes; express check-in at service centers; free loaner cars for extended repairs or maintenance; early access to sales events or special offers; and VIP lounges for frequent customers.

Not only do these incentives help build customer loyalty by providing tangible rewards for engaging with the dealership, but they also give dealerships a way to collect valuable data about their customers’ preferences and driving habits. This data can tailor marketing messages and create individualized experiences that meet the needs of individual customers more effectively.

In addition to helping dealerships build relationships with their customers’ loyalty programs also help increase sales.

It’s a Win-Win deal

For customers, dealership loyalty programs offer several advantages, such as increased convenience when booking service appointments or exclusive discounts and promotions not available elsewhere.

By providing incentives such as discounts and rewards points for repeat purchases or referrals, customers are encouraged to continue returning to the same dealership for service—a significant benefit for any business looking to boost its bottom line. Furthermore, these incentives can also help generate new leads by encouraging existing customers to recommend the business to their friends and family.

Customers can also accumulate points over time which can be redeemed later for rewards like free oil changes or car washes—making them feel valued and offering tangible returns on their investment in the program.

How Can Dealerships Leverage Loyalty Programs? 

Dealerships can leverage loyalty programs in several ways

  • By offering rewards points for purchases
  • By creating exclusive events where members can participate in test drives
  • Product launches before anyone else
  • By providing customized offers based on customers’ past purchases

The Benefits of Dealership Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs provide dealerships with a platform to educate their customers on product features or safety measures—information that can be invaluable in optimizing the vehicle’s utility and enhancing brand loyalty.

Dealerships can build a loyalty program that’s suited to their business goals by combining multiple components. You must make sure that they blend seamlessly with each other.

Here are some ways to build your loyalty programs:

Membership Page

Who doesn’t like membership in clubs? All of us do. Entice your customers with a well-designed members program on your website that offers special deals to the members. Every customer automatically becomes a member and then moves up the benefits ladder based on their purchase/ service at the dealership. The demographics of the customer are easily captured with a simple membership program.

Loyalty Engine

The loyalty points that customers accumulate during their purchase/service visits with dealerships can be redeemed for discounts. You can also reward customers with points as an incentive to complete surveys.

Coalition loyalty programs

Dealerships can collaborate with manufacturers and local businesses to offer customers benefits. Members can redeem the loyalty points earned at the dealership or partner locations.

Subscription Based Membership

Not all loyalty programs have to be free. Some loyalty programs are paid too, but they work only if anticipated benefits exceed the membership fee. The benefits of these programs may include priority roadside assistance, highway check-up, etc..

Mobile Engagement

A mobile app is a must-have in the smartphone era. An App based loyalty program can help you to create multiple touchpoints like weather updates, daily maintenance tips, latest deals, and offers, all of which can increase the top-of-mind value of the dealership for the customers.

From providing valuable insights into customer behavior and increasing sales through custom touchpoints, value-offered promotions and convenience, loyalty programs are a win-win for the customer and dealership.  Not only will this help you stand out from competitors but also positively contribute towards building strong relationships with your customer base. Allowing you to reap long-term rewards of increased revenue generation and higher profits![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]If this introduction to RObot piqued your interest, book a demo today to see RObot in action.

By using a tool like RObot to improve customer experience, auto dealerships can gain a competitive edge and influence automotive buying decisions, effortlessly. Streamlining the car-buying process by combining technology with the human element can is essential to offer a seamless customer experience. As competition in the auto industry continues to increase, those dealerships that focus on customer experience will be the ones that come out on top.

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