Building a loyal clientele with a technologically empowered BDC

Auto manufacturers are competing to bring the car of tomorrow into our driveways. But it is not just about what you drive – a significant transformation is happening in how cars are bought and sold!

Millennials are sophisticated shoppers who have grown up with the internet. They no longer believe in a traditional sales process. Instead, they prefer digital tools which allow for meaningful connection and engagement. It empowers them to engage in the buying/selling process that is most convenient for them, which they ultimately desire.

AI-powered tools partnered with a dedicated BDC can help dealerships connect with customers in the multiple ways and channels they prefer to do business.

There are many benefits to having a technologically empowered BDC team to improve customer experience and boost sales.

AI-powered technology support to navigate the inventory shortage problem

Most dealerships have faced an inventory shortage of both new and used cars. The service drive is filled with buy-back opportunities to help build used vehicle inventory. Dealerships have been turning to their sales team to assist in acquiring these in-demand vehicles.

The challenge is not having enough resources to touch every customer in the drive and to shift through countless datasets to identify who is in the market to trade or sell.

Cognito’s BDC is strengthened by the AI-powered RObot, which can quickly and efficiently review all the relevant data for each service customer and identify the hand-raisers.

Can a BDC fill the vacuum of Sales personnel?

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive in America. Skilled sales personnel are always needed; filling these positions has been challenging and adds overhead to your operation cost.

The solution is to partner with BDC experts in the industry and know how to communicate with your customers. A highly competent and experienced BDC team can aid dealerships in maintaining consistent engagement with their customers to understand their intentions and needs.

A data-driven BDC can capitalize on the dealership’s multiple data sources (CRM, DMS, Service-drive). This process helps recognize customers who sell or trade in their vehicles. These customers represent the best pre-owned acquisition opportunities which should be targeted.

Optimizing customer experience with BDC efforts

An experienced BDC has the added value of increasing the right touch points with the right customers based on qualitative data. They will design an appropriate customer communication plan for each customer and book qualified appointments. Allowing your sales team to focus on delivering an excellent customer experience and building long-term relationships.

Empathizing with the customer is an essential part of building long-lasting relationships. It makes them feel valued. With AI-powered technology, you can communicate accurately with the customer in a way that is convenient to them. The personal touch of the BDC further emphasizes their value.

The BDC support, coupled with the AI-linked features of RObot, is a game-changer for automobile dealerships. It enables improved engagement and converts prospects into sales without increasing overhead costs. AI-based technology solutions can help dealerships enhance customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and monitoring service drive to deliver real-time insights. Cognito’s AI-powered RObot aims to be the ideal technology partner for dealerships to build an impressive inventory from their service drive.

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