Boost your Sales from Your Service Drive with RObot

Engaging with customers who are already in your service drive is an easy and cost-effective way to build a trustworthy relationship, drive sales and build inventory. With the automobile industry just limping back from the semiconductor chip shortage, auto dealers are using all their skills to build an impressive inventory. An intelligent tool like Cognitgo’s RObot helps dealerships skim their service drive for potential selling or trade-in opportunities. RObot also reaches out to your service drive customers at the opportune moment before other competitors lure them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools can assist the sales team by reaching out to every person who comes through your drive. This eases the burden on the sales team and allows them to focus on enhancing the customer experience. With the utility of AI, dealerships can execute omnichannel upselling, cross-selling, lead management automation, personalized dynamic pricing, and data-driven attribution at the sales level.

Pre-owned cars sourced from the service drive are an excellent way for auto dealers to increase inventory. Used cars are in demand, purchasing them from the service drive allows the dealership to build inventory, turn a profit and supply quality vehicles to customers.

When dealers purchase from existing customers, they already have a purview of the vehicle history and can provide their customers with high-quality vehicles they need and deserve. An automation tool like Cognitgo’s RObot can enable dealerships to perform the following functions:

  • Pull more qualified leads from your service drive
  • Offer true car vehicle value based on data-driven insights
  • Build inventory from your backyard
  • Increase sales and gain customer loyalty

Drive leads from the Service Drive.

Dealers are looking towards the service drive to procure cars that are in high demand.

AI-based RObot works like a skilled salesperson to scan the service drive and identify potential buy-back opportunities and leads. RObot engages with prospects from the service drive by sending highly personalized text messages. All this is done in real-time and engages every person who comes through the service drive. This automated process ensures no potential leads or vital inputs are omitted.

RObot will generate hand-raisers interested in selling, buying, or trading in their vehicle. These hand-raisers are contacted by our in-house BDC to set actionable appointments for the sales team to close.

Marketing Decisions based on data-driven insights

Every customer has multiple data points and managing all that information can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Using technology like Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and Machine Learning (ML) to comb through detailed customer data and design successful campaigns, frees your sales team to focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Cognitgo’s AI-powered RObot assists dealerships in prioritizing and qualifying leads quickly and identifying high potential customers to convert into sales! The RObot solution can be deployed and integrated seamlessly with your CRM database.

Build inventory from your backyard

The inventory scarcity caused by the semiconductor shortage has had dealers scrambling to get their hands on new vehicle inventory. Our solutions allow dealerships to be agile and swiftly add the best automobiles to their inventory.

Cognitgo’s BDC acts as an extension of your sales team and engages with customers in the service drive. A robust BDC is essential to any dealership’s operations and helps build pre-owned inventory quickly and efficiently. Thanks to innovative technology like artificial intelligence our BDC is more efficient than ever. By combining the efforts of RObot and BDC follow-up customers are engaged with attractive offers to sell or trade in their vehicle.

Ensure impactful customer communication

Time is of the essence when engaging with potential leads. Real-time automated messages sent by RObot grab the customer’s interest and the BDC team can seal the deal before the competition contacts them.

By understanding what prospective customers are looking for, dealerships can effectively tailor their sales pitch and inventory to meet the demand. Cognitgo’s Robot adds to the existing marketing and sales strategy by providing a technological edge.

AI-based technology solutions can help dealerships enhance customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and monitoring service drive to deliver real-time insights. Cognitgo’s AI-powered RObot aims to be the ideal technology partner for dealerships to build an impressive inventory from their service drive.

Achieve peak operational efficiencies with Intelligent Process Automation